First, the name. Rooster “Bragh,” not brah, Brah.

But, to be fair, “Bragh” is actually pronounced like “Brah.”

What can I say…It’s an Irish thing and all very confusing. Surely you understand, Brah. And moving on…

So, you ask – Does the name actually mean anything besides being ironically cute and enigmatically cryptic?

Yes, Yes it does.

Bragh – Meaning “For Eternity.” That’s the aforementioned Irish thing…
Rooster – Well, that’s another story in and of itself. Let’s just say there’s a little John Wayne, a little John Cogburn, and a whole lot of Hell Yeah!

All you have to remember is Rooster + Bragh makes you Awesome.

But, wait,  you ponder – Isn’t RoosterBragh the mythical divine ale brewed by that Rooster O’Dargan character in James MacGhil’s Guild of Deacons urban fantasy novels? It’s not real, is it?

And there’s where the story gets interesting, folks. Perhaps even a tad apocryphal if I dare say so. Because, you see, the frothy goodness in a pint glass known as RoosterBragh is real. Very real. You can even ask MacGhil. He typically drinks it as fast as we make it which, in retrospect, is probably the primary reason it takes him so long to write his books.

Truth be told, RoosterBragh’s been a thing for the better part of the past five years in various and assorted incarnations. Brewed by hand in experimental batches that flirt with all styles of hoppy malty masterpieces on a seriously tech’d out garage rig, it’s not only a beer – It’s a vision. A vision to support the arts, music, and literary community by using our delectable beer as a funding mechanism.

To that end, Please help fund our little endeavor through purchases in our shop as we start down the road of converting from the garage based home brewing bastion to a fully operational brewery! There might even be some official MacGhil / Guild of Deacons swag in there. Wait, what?

Yours in the ‘Bragh,
Hans Holland
Founder, Brewer, Ginger